Sunday, July 22, 2018

Running out of Time

I was thinking how lately I can't seem to find the time to write or paint. I continue to take daily photos, but I can't find the time to post/share them.

But the choices are mine to make during the day. I'm the one choosing to garden or writing emails over painting or working on my book-writing. I'm the one making busy work that doesn't fill my soul.

It's funny, but the older I get the longer it takes to get things done. Where I used to check off many items on my to-do list, now I'm happy if I can get to three. Sadly, those three or four seldom have anything to do with my books or painting. 

Such is life.

Running out of Time

My ship’s body
lies broken
on the ocean floor

Debris, the bits of me
still holding to life
floats upriver on the tide
into a silent swamp
sticks to reeds
and debris from others
also just barely hanging on

Slow decay
stagnant water
leaches the life-source
from my soul
there’s no energy left

My once-vibrant ship
now has only few bubbles
rising from its broken hull
sea life already takes hold

What went wrong?
Why couldn’t I fulfill my dreams?

The papers of my stories
photographs of the many things
that caught my eye
the paintings and drawings
that made me feel alive
dissolve in salt water

I drown in my own tears.

--Sasha Wolfe