Saturday, September 18, 2021

A Poem of my Aging


I feel I’ve lived

a hundred lifetimes

have cried a billion or more tears

I feel I’ve traveled

millions of miles

climbed thousands of mountains

and crawled through a myriad

of twisted mazes in underground caverns

on my hands and knees


I feel I’ve knelt

at the feet of God

walked with Jesus

over burning sands

meditated with Buddha

and attended rites

honoring Osiris and Cleopatra


I swam rivers

dove in oceans

floated on clouds

high above the earth

and laid in cool green grasses

on a hot summer day


I’ve heard thousands of words

listened to tales of wisdom

stories of success and of woe

and the fake promises

of false-hearted men


Everything I know

Everything I thought I knew

Everything I envisioned

dissipates like early morning fog

warmed by a dull sun


Heart-wise these days, though,

I feel little warmth

Things ethereal I’ve touched

but never fully grasped

have slid through cold fingers


                                                           I now rest in this humble body

as it ages and decays

mind tired but still active

as I watch events of the world

Glory witnessed

has been shrouded

with fear, dissension, hatred

I cower behind my moat

wondering who will

come for me first.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Seismic Relationships


One wrong word

one wrong action

When I can’t/won’t respond

to pull of puppet strings

heat and friction crack the rock


The relationship fractures

aftershock rips through my soul

self-doubt runs rampant

and old, buried feelings

bubble up from deep inside


I pull myself together

as the figure across the chasm fades

I contemplate the jump

weigh the consequences

of friendship


Can I make the leap?

Do I want to?

I look across the gap

Is the relationship worth it

or is it time to move on?


I do what I often do

wait for the tremors to cease

go on as if nothing happened

forgive, let it pass.

--Sasha Wolfe

Glacial Slip


Walking the knife edge of ice

careful with footed words

too easily misunderstood

the relationship became brittle


Over time differences in beliefs

with underlying structures

moving at different speeds

caused the glacier to fracture


The crevasse widened

and for a while I clung

trying to be a good friend

accepting her for who she is


I acknowledge

my faults and guilt

admit where I lack

try to be better


But at the same time

I hold onto who I am

I stand strong

in my beliefs


Maybe it’s time to let go

I slip off the edge

trusting there’s a hand hold

to help me up the other side.

--Sasha Wolfe

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Eating Disorder updated


I told my body

it was OK to eat

when I am hungry


Only I

didn’t specify

what kind of hunger


So I eat when I am

hungry for love

hungry for acceptance

hungry for … oh, whatever


And I eat

to quiet the gnawing

to fill the emptiness

to quell the loneliness


My hunger turns ravenous

in an attempt to bridge the gap

over I don’t know what


No food seems to help

and the hunger

continues to eat


at my soul like an acid

creating a bigger hole

until I am crippled

in despair and misery


It took years

to realize the hunger

wasn’t about food

or filling my belly


It took years

to realize the hunger

was a deep need to feed

my creative desires.


--I wrote the main idea of this poem years ago and have now given it re-birth

Monday, November 30, 2020

Creative Rise and Fall

The muse comes roaring in
I’m on fire 
lifted high to the skies
of possibility

Ideas flow freely
I move with excitement
accomplishing artistic tasks
I write, I paint
I’m up in the clouds
full of creative joy

Hours pass until
hunger and lightheadedness
permeate my concentration
I stop to eat
but filling the hole in my belly
punches one in the magic carpet

The bubble of creativity popped
the muse disappears
and I slam back to earth
utterly spent and brain dead

I’m exhausted past thinking
but the essence
of creative soaring
lingers in my soul
and I can’t wait
for the next visit.

--Sasha Wolfe

Sunday, October 4, 2020

White Water and Creative Banks

Paddling the middle of a raging river

its white water threatens to swamp my boat

as I strong-arm my way

through life’s journey


On either side

the banks of creativity

full of beautiful scenery

await the pen or pastel


Bushes of words on one side

grasses of paint strokes on the other

cajole me, encourage me,

beg me to stop



the choice is easy

as to which side

I’ll pull my boat



the pull from both sides

is demanding

Do I paint or write?


And sometimes

the river is so strong

with life’s issues

I can’t pull out of the current


Long arms of creativity

shadowy reflections across the water

reach with ghostlike fingers

to pull me from my boat


The call to create

is overpowering

If I don’t heed its plea

I will be devoured by the river


I’m torn to which side

to rest my boat on

but know, too, whichever choice

will be the right one.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Photo’s Inspiration

Sometimes the lines

across the page

take on a different

kind of pace


Lines that do not match

the guiding photograph

decide their own

unique course

breaking free

of what was planned


To chart its own course

I let my hand move

sometime doubting

but also trusting the process


In the end

the painting tells me

when it is done

and I am satisfied.