Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Mind in chaos
runs in circles
explodes into a 
thousand fragments

My carefully-built walls
crash to the ground
buries me under
piles of rocks and debris
and darkness

Flicker of light
heart flutters 
fingers wriggle
leg stretches

Whisper of fresh air
deep inhale
lungs cough up
dust and dirt

I move 
slowly, painfully
inch by inch
crawling over
broken fragments
of my life

At dawn
I rise to my feet
brush myself off
give thanks 
to the universe

And pick up 
my pen.

-Sasha Wolfe

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Moment Before Rest

wrapped its cloak
around my throat
and squeezed

My heart beat furiously
thoughts stampeded
down the well
falling …
falling …
falling …

Landing softly
in shallow water
I rested in cool shadow
‘til my mind calmed
and the darkness
soothed my soul
into sleep

In the morning
I became whole
and crawled out.

--Sasha Wolfe

Monday, September 18, 2017

Battle Scarred with Love

I look back with yearning
for things I never said
I look back with sadness
on things she never bled

Silent battle lines 
between mother and daughter
parental dictates
harsh criticisms
strewn from deep love
and a need to protect
shadowed in a lie
too deep to reveal

An unspeakable war
so emotionally difficult 
because the love
was so great
that survival depended on
building strong walls

But something deep inside 
Something deep inside 

Wisdom flowed 
from pain
blossomed into
And after too many years
and it being too late for us
today I stand 
empty with the knowledge
of knowing who
I am
And knowing
she’d be proud.

I love you, mum!
I miss you so much!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Explosive Holidays

I jump out of my skin
the house shakes
vibrations reverberate
through the air
An echoing boom
resounds across the street

Fear washes over me 
my heart 
jumps to my throat
pounds a rapid staccato
in my head

Pele’s eyes huge
ears laid flat
she stares 
at the front door

Another blast
another reverberating echo
My heart slams 
an unnatural beat 
in my chest
This isn’t normal
fireworks, and it’s closer 
than it’s been in the past 

I tell myself
Calm down
it’s just neighbors
having fun

My heart pounds again
threatens to explode
from my chest
I pull the blanket higher
as if I can hide

I get myself
under control
have a few minutes reprieve
before another deep boom
I rationalize
holiday, celebration
I tell myself 
others enjoy this
I wonder how those
suffering PTSD

Each subsequent blast
rattles my self-control
Breathe deep, calm down,
it won’t last long
I keep repeating
holding back tears
hoping my heart
won’t shatter 
with the next blast.

Monday, July 31, 2017


A thump, a flash
little feathered friend
disappeared over the edge
of the deck

I ran out
not quick enough for rescue
yellow paws batting 
the now silent body
far under the deck

Noooo, not a catbird!
Not one of my favorites!
I stooped to get under 
banged my head on a joist
picked up the still-warm 
broken body

Cradling it in my palms
willing it to live -- too late
tears flowed, heart broken
I stumbled out
from under the deck
yellow body rubbed 
against my legs

I couldn’t be angry
he was just being a cat
this is what cats do
and I had to admire his agility 
to jump from ground to the deck
make a quick grab
falling back to the ground 
with his catch

Still, my heart bled a river
that ran down my cheeks
Purring fluff followed 
as, instead of burying
I gently laid the tiny body
in a crook of small spruce
hoping against hope
it would recover
and fly away free. 

-- Sasha Wolfe

Friday, June 9, 2017

Silent Pleading

The mouth opens
in a silent cry
the eyes speaking 
the thousand words
the voice cannot say,
“Love me!”

I lean 
on the railing
yellow pussy-paws
reaching up 
to rest on my chest
“Love me!”

He stretches
farther upward 
his fur-face
to rub against 
my old one
“Love me!” 

How can I refuse?
I bend down
cuddle the long
lean body
and whisper,
“I love you.”

Monday, May 22, 2017

A Meditation

The body and mind 
The stress of the day 
Surrounded by white light
a question was asked
of God

“Do you care what I wear?”

Cautious words 
sent out on the ethers
and I immediately 
felt myself transported
to stand before him
stripped bare, naked

Sunshine-warm kindness
enveloped me
filled me
quelled the brief flash 
of fear
the shame of this 
physical body

I raised my eyes
gazed into
pure light
pure love

Words in feelings
permeated my entire
this wasn’t about 
naked flesh
this wasn’t about 
the human-body

I stood before him
naked in my soul
there was nothing to hide
nothing he couldn’t see

I felt 
no fear
no judgment
Just simple love

It was the
And it was 

How we 
our physical 
is of no concern 
to him

What matters is
how we