Monday, July 31, 2017


A thump, a flash
little feathered friend
disappeared over the edge
of the deck

I ran out
not quick enough for rescue
yellow paws batting 
the now silent body
far under the deck

Noooo, not a catbird!
Not one of my favorites!
I stooped to get under 
banged my head on a joist
picked up the still-warm 
broken body

Cradling it in my palms
willing it to live -- too late
tears flowed, heart broken
I stumbled out
from under the deck
yellow body rubbed 
against my legs

I couldn’t be angry
he was just being a cat
this is what cats do
and I had to admire his agility 
to jump from ground to the deck
make a quick grab
falling back to the ground 
with his catch

Still, my heart bled a river
that ran down my cheeks
Purring fluff followed 
as, instead of burying
I gently laid the tiny body
in a crook of small spruce
hoping against hope
it would recover
and fly away free. 

-- Sasha Wolfe

Friday, June 9, 2017

Silent Pleading

The mouth opens
in a silent cry
the eyes speaking 
the thousand words
the voice cannot say,
“Love me!”

I lean 
on the railing
yellow pussy-paws
reaching up 
to rest on my chest
“Love me!”

He stretches
farther upward 
his fur-face
to rub against 
my old one
“Love me!” 

How can I refuse?
I bend down
cuddle the long
lean body
and whisper,
“I love you.”

Monday, May 22, 2017

A Meditation

The body and mind 
The stress of the day 
Surrounded by white light
a question was asked
of God

“Do you care what I wear?”

Cautious words 
sent out on the ethers
and I immediately 
felt myself transported
to stand before him
stripped bare, naked

Sunshine-warm kindness
enveloped me
filled me
quelled the brief flash 
of fear
the shame of this 
physical body

I raised my eyes
gazed into
pure light
pure love

Words in feelings
permeated my entire
this wasn’t about 
naked flesh
this wasn’t about 
the human-body

I stood before him
naked in my soul
there was nothing to hide
nothing he couldn’t see

I felt 
no fear
no judgment
Just simple love

It was the
And it was 

How we 
our physical 
is of no concern 
to him

What matters is
how we 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Importance of Green

I wore the green
of spring
I wore the green 
to give
I wore the green 
on days I thought
I could never sing

I walked the green 
in spring
I walked the green
to think
I walked the green
to let its life
into my heart … sink

I felt the green
of life
Release pain and stress 
and strife
It filled my mind and soul 
with fire 
creative passion inspired.

-- Sasha Wolfe

Monday, March 13, 2017


The downdraft slams the ground
blasting wind down the mountainside
ripping words from my soul 

Phrases slap against my mind
like my hair whipping
against my face
until my eyes fill with tears

It stings 
vision blurs
and I’m blind to all else

The gusts die down
the moment passes
I am left gasping and staring
at the debris
strewn across the page

Slowly I pick myself up
gather my thoughts
sort through 
the scattering of words

A poem is released.

--Sasha Wolfe

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tidal Wave

This is what it’s like when a poem comes to me…

Tidal Wave

Something within opens wide 
and I am slammed
words and passion
pour into my soul
with tidal-wave force

I can’t catch my breath
I have to get it down
have to release the words
that are churning inside
that threaten to explode

But my hand  
can’t move fast enough
the pen skips
I struggle to get
the words on the page

My mind is drowning
I write quickly
to channel this flood
before the waters recede
before it abandons me

Suddenly it’s over
leaving me 
gasping for breath
on the drying shore
spent, but relieved

I relax in the sun
excited I’ve been given
another poem.
    ---Sasha Wolfe ‘16

There’s an immense in-pouring that needs to immediately be released. There’s a definite feeling of being a channel. The words pour in and through me.

In Warm Sunlight

Sun’s rays filtering 
through trees
on a chilled
frosty morning

Golden light reflecting
on still-wet leaves
creates spots of
brightness and shadow

Slow footsteps  
Shuffle softly
among the fallen
reds, yellows, browns

In a hunched-over
I search the ground
for the right shot.

--Sasha Wolfe