Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Mind in chaos
runs in circles
explodes into a 
thousand fragments

My carefully-built walls
crash to the ground
buries me under
piles of rocks and debris
and darkness

Flicker of light
heart flutters 
fingers wriggle
leg stretches

Whisper of fresh air
deep inhale
lungs cough up
dust and dirt

I move 
slowly, painfully
inch by inch
crawling over
broken fragments
of my life

At dawn
I rise to my feet
brush myself off
give thanks 
to the universe

And pick up 
my pen.

-Sasha Wolfe

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Moment Before Rest

wrapped its cloak
around my throat
and squeezed

My heart beat furiously
thoughts stampeded
down the well
falling …
falling …
falling …

Landing softly
in shallow water
I rested in cool shadow
‘til my mind calmed
and the darkness
soothed my soul
into sleep

In the morning
I became whole
and crawled out.

--Sasha Wolfe