Monday, July 31, 2017


A thump, a flash
little feathered friend
disappeared over the edge
of the deck

I ran out
not quick enough for rescue
yellow paws batting 
the now silent body
far under the deck

Noooo, not a catbird!
Not one of my favorites!
I stooped to get under 
banged my head on a joist
picked up the still-warm 
broken body

Cradling it in my palms
willing it to live -- too late
tears flowed, heart broken
I stumbled out
from under the deck
yellow body rubbed 
against my legs

I couldn’t be angry
he was just being a cat
this is what cats do
and I had to admire his agility 
to jump from ground to the deck
make a quick grab
falling back to the ground 
with his catch

Still, my heart bled a river
that ran down my cheeks
Purring fluff followed 
as, instead of burying
I gently laid the tiny body
in a crook of small spruce
hoping against hope
it would recover
and fly away free. 

-- Sasha Wolfe