Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tidal Wave

This is what it’s like when a poem comes to me…

Tidal Wave

Something within opens wide 
and I am slammed
words and passion
pour into my soul
with tidal-wave force

I can’t catch my breath
I have to get it down
have to release the words
that are churning inside
that threaten to explode

But my hand  
can’t move fast enough
the pen skips
I struggle to get
the words on the page

My mind is drowning
I write quickly
to channel this flood
before the waters recede
before it abandons me

Suddenly it’s over
leaving me 
gasping for breath
on the drying shore
spent, but relieved

I relax in the sun
excited I’ve been given
another poem.
    ---Sasha Wolfe ‘16

There’s an immense in-pouring that needs to immediately be released. There’s a definite feeling of being a channel. The words pour in and through me.

In Warm Sunlight

Sun’s rays filtering 
through trees
on a chilled
frosty morning

Golden light reflecting
on still-wet leaves
creates spots of
brightness and shadow

Slow footsteps  
Shuffle softly
among the fallen
reds, yellows, browns

In a hunched-over
I search the ground
for the right shot.

--Sasha Wolfe