Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Fire Bomb

My soul opens and the fires pour in
a huge downdraft rushes 
through my inner core
igniting the embers of my creativity

I roar in combustion
my mind explodes in a burst of flames
which quickly scorches fingertips
and forces me to hurry

This fire bomb of words and feelings
too strong, too powerful 
comes from every direction
pounds me to the ground

I’m suffocating in a fury of words
I can’t write fast enough!
I can’t breathe!

Because, of course, I’ll die
if I can’t get the words down
if I forget anything
if I misinterpret the message

But I don’t die and 
suddenly it’s over
the fires go out
leaving me drained and exhausted

I can breathe again 
and in a few seconds of rest
I relish the emptiness
As my scorched soul quickly heals

I inhale … exhale …
my mind kicks in again
I pick myself up, 
sort through the debris

The editing begins
words forming an article or a poem 
What amazing accomplishment!

Once more, I am filled with a marvelous joy!

Embers in My Soul

My gut churns 
with longing
Embers deep in my soul
barely glow
Breezes of thought
stir the coals
But not enough to fan 
the fires of creativity

A word, a thought, a sight
a spark glimmers
Emotions jumble
clamber to be free
My soul falls on paper
in words, in color
Sometimes painstakingly slow
other times a rushing flood

A poem or painting
an intense brilliance of joy
Cries to be seen, shared 
its light … my light …
casting a balance 
with the shadows of life
Not just for me
but for all

Initial burst over
my mind quiets
Flames recede
to smoldering embers
while my soul
rests in joy and emptiness
until the next flare up
the next creative flash

Sunday, January 21, 2018


Thoughts, ideas
excitingly rush through me
like a herd of stampeding cattle

Thundering hooves
shake the ground
freeze me on the sidelines

All I can do is stare
as words and impressions
rush by in speeds
too fast, too strong
too dangerous 
to grasp

With great courage
my mind reaches into the melee
to grab bits and pieces

Pen to paper
I slowly put together fragments
place words on a page

Form them into a cohesive plan
the latest, greatest idea
gathers momentum … but
too late, too old
too busy
to make happen.

-- Sasha Wolfe