Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Fire Bomb

My soul opens and the fires pour in
a huge downdraft rushes 
through my inner core
igniting the embers of my creativity

I roar in combustion
my mind explodes in a burst of flames
which quickly scorches fingertips
and forces me to hurry

This fire bomb of words and feelings
too strong, too powerful 
comes from every direction
pounds me to the ground

I’m suffocating in a fury of words
I can’t write fast enough!
I can’t breathe!

Because, of course, I’ll die
if I can’t get the words down
if I forget anything
if I misinterpret the message

But I don’t die and 
suddenly it’s over
the fires go out
leaving me drained and exhausted

I can breathe again 
and in a few seconds of rest
I relish the emptiness
As my scorched soul quickly heals

I inhale … exhale …
my mind kicks in again
I pick myself up, 
sort through the debris

The editing begins
words forming an article or a poem 
What amazing accomplishment!

Once more, I am filled with a marvelous joy!

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