Saturday, October 27, 2018

Downpour or On the Edge of Translation

It rains down
fills my soul
from head to toes
sometimes a heavy downpour
or thunderstorm

Its words with mine
stir my inner beingness
mixing in gut, heart, mind
until clouds of emotions
swirl and dance in partnership

It all bubbles up
threatens to burst my seams
I try to capture
thoughts and contemplations
in language I know

And the words
explode out of me
fall from pen
or onto computer keyboard
faster than I can write

At times
I’m only on the edge
of a translation
I can’t quite grasp
the correct words

Then suddenly
it all ceases
the downpour stops
words cut off
in midsentence or thought

Wait, wait!
I didn’t get it all!

I still haven’t come up with a description of how/what the inflow is really like. Sometimes there are real words I understand, and other times it’s a kind of feeling of what is being channeled; emotion, but not emotion. --SW

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