Saturday, December 1, 2018

Hard Rain

Words start in a trickle
a gentle drizzle
tickling my senses
teasing me to pick up a pen

After a couple of lines
the wind gusts
and the heavens open
A deluge of hard rain
pummels me with words
too numerous to catch

This rain hurts!
In moments I’m drenched
falling so fast, so hard
the words bruise my mind
bounce off my body leaving welts
then puddle at my feet like spilled ink

Phrases drip from my hair
run into my eyes making vision difficult
then streak down my face and neck
I’m soaked to the skin
drops coursing down my arms
to fall from fingertip to pen
onto a page too wet to hold ink

I fight to save the words
being washed away
 “Me! Me!” they yell
demanding to be written
But I’m drowning
I can’t write fast enough

Suddenly it stops
the overcast opens to blue
and the sun peeks through
The words dry on my arms,
ink on the page becomes readable
I begin moving the pieces around
assembling the jigsaw puzzle
of a poem.

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